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How do I Earn vans from Referrals?


How do I Earn vans from Referrals?


Every time you refer a friend and he/she registers successfully, you earn 1000 vans immediately and also you start earning 5% of their earnings forever. 


These earns you will be able to get them from the surveys  and other tasks they take part in within the app.

Here is how you can get started with earning cash back from referrals .


Login to your Do Surveys 4 cash app or login to our website and navigate to your dashboard and then head over to the Invite friends tab and then insert your friend’s email or share your referral link under the page. 


Each user has a unique referral link that he/she can share with friends to join under them. You can share your referral link anywhere. You can share via social media like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and so much more. 


Once your friends click the link and join, you will earn 1000 vans and start generating passive revenue from their earning for ever 

To invite your friends to join. Click here